The Inappropriate Collection! – Things I Shouldn’t Show My Son, #2

27 Oct

Last week, the debut clip was from Road House. It was less than 10 seconds of absurdity and violence from one of the most absurd (elite bouncers!) and violent (jugular rips!) movies of the 80s. This week, in honor of Halloween, I’m taking a different tack.

This week, the clip is from the 2nd season of “Twin Peaks,” one of the best TV shows of all time, and, unfortunately (and give or take a few episodes, including the freaky finale), one of the worst seasons by any of one of the contenders for best TV shows of all time.

Whereas Road House glorified violence and had an absurd premise and a cavalier, “A-Team”-esque attidute towards consequences (“Pain don’t hurt.”), David Lynch used violence and occasional, jarring absurdity to unsettle viewers and keep them off-guard as he explored some of his favorite themes: the moral decay that lurks behind even the most banal surfaces, and the insidiousness of evil and the psychological impact of violence and pain.

The clip below, like much of Lynch’s stuff, is something I hesitate to show even grown men. It features a character I consider to be among the scariest in all of fiction, and it is not something I’ll be exposing my son to anytime soon. Short but sweet, it may give you nightmares.

Don’t say I didn’t warn you:


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