The History of Rock in 100 Riffs

10 Jul

My son loves music. A few weeks ago we bought him a little wooden guitar to play around with, and for the 18 hours he had it, he wouldn’t let it go; he actually wanted to sleep next to it in his crib. We didn’t let him, lest he break it…

Of course, the next morning, after waking up and immediately grabbing his new axe, he Pete Townshended the hell out of it. I love music myself, particularly rock n’roll, so I’m excited to see him appreciate it so young. Doesn’t hurt that he’s already emulating one of the all-time guitar gods, though it’s a shame he smashed into pieces so quickly. At least he didn’t copy Hendrix at Monterey!

This supercool video – in which a dude guns through 100 mostly recognizable guitar riffs in row, in one take – will be a fun way to show my son all the different sounds a guitar can make. Even if the guy in the video doesn’t quite do Tom Morello justice.

The guy makes some weird choices, and it’s backloaded with too much stuff from the 80s and on, but it’s pretty impressive. My favorite transitions include Van Halen into The Smiths and “Kickstart My Heart” into “Running Down a Dream”.

For the encore, here’s a pic of my kid, mid-solo, before he went all punk rock:

guitar, toddlers, music, riffs, rock n'roll


One Response to “The History of Rock in 100 Riffs”

  1. Andrew July 10, 2012 at 9:23 pm #

    Awesome video! I have a Pete Tonwnshend wannabe as well

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