“Come at the [Throne], You Best Not Miss…”

28 Sep

A year or so back I posted a picture of the awesome Omar bib my Baltimore-based friend bought for my son me. (I’d previously stated that my wife bought it, but she merely framed it.)

“The Wire” – aka the Best Television Program Ever Created – has been off the air for years now, and HBO is still scrambling to find another critically acclaimed, lowly-rated masterpiece. They haven’t quite equaled “The Wire” just yet, but they have some good shows, including “Game of Thrones”.

And now, a Brooklyn artist has created a poster for a dream mashup of “The Wire”‘s best character and the family crests on GoT. And it is AWESOME. I know at least one friend who is buying it right now.

Take a look…

Omar, the Wire, Game of Thrones, HBO, TV, crest, Brooklyn

And here’s the aforementioned Omar bib that my son will NEVER wear:

Etsy, the Wire, bib, omar, babies, HBO

Buy the poster!
Buy the bib!


2 Responses to ““Come at the [Throne], You Best Not Miss…””

  1. Samantha September 28, 2012 at 9:52 pm #

    Love the bib… Although I am a little confused on why he has no eyes. lol

  2. Bre October 1, 2012 at 10:58 am #

    My boyfriend will be so sad he didn’t know the Omar bib was a thing when our kid was first born. But she’s just 1.5 that’s still bib worthy. We have a picture frame dedicated to characters from The Wire in our living room lol.

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