Blogger Idol 2012: Week 5 – Sh*t Just Got Real

24 Oct

Things got serious this week.

The assignment was to present our take on a hot news topic. My choice, like most of the others, doesn’t easily lend itself to comedy. So I got real on your asses and laid out my opinion on the same-sex issue that has been dividing the country for years.

It’s become more personal to me since I had my son and will be even more relevant now that we’re moving to North Carolina, a state where the fight for equality has some real obstacles.

Like Amendment One.

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Same-sex marriage is a touchy subject, and figures to be even more so amongst my new neighbors. But everyone has an opinion, no matter where they live, and this week I laid out mine. I’d love to know what you think – after you vote for me!

So please, head over to Blogger Idol, read my post, maybe even read some of the other posts – they’re all passionate and on point this week – and then vote for me. Even if you disagree.

Unfortunately, there are no drinking references this time around. I tried to be respectful. And I only joked about divorcing my wife once.

Read it HERE.

Vote for me HERE.

So thanks! And good luck!



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