Zombie Post: Gay Marriage Or Bust

26 Mar

Today, the same-sex marriage issue hits the Supreme Court.

Lately it seems that the tide has turned and that gay people may finally be granted the constitutional right to marry, but there are still – obviously – pockets of resistance everywhere you look, from Prop 8 in California to Amendment One in North Carolina.

From “The struggle to protect family values from homosexuality is starting to feel a bit lonely. In the last five years, eight states have extended marriage rights to same-sex couples. After years of winning ballot measure fights, gay-marriage opponents went 0-for-4 in November. Scores of Republican luminaries have signed a brief urging the Supreme Court to declare a constitutional right to marriage regardless of sexual orientation. And two weeks ago, for the first time, a sitting Republican senator, Rob Portman of Ohio, endorsed same-sex marriage. Behind these developments lurks an ominous trend: Gay marriage, once a fringe idea, is now backed by a majority or plurality in nearly every poll.”

Much of this was bolstered by President Obama’s public endorsement a little less than a year ago, and back then I wrote about what the President’s support might mean for the future of the country, and how it could affect my son as he grows up here.

As a show of support for same-sex marriage and equal rights everywhere, I’ve resurrected that original post below:

Original Post: What Does Obama’s Announcement Mean for My Son?


One Response to “Zombie Post: Gay Marriage Or Bust”

  1. Doggy's Style March 26, 2013 at 12:32 pm #

    We can only hope!
    And thanks for linking to the old post, I really enjoyed it.

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