Zombie Post: Happy Easter

31 Mar

I couldn’t let Easter Sunday, the day Zombie Jesus arose from his grave!, go by without a zombie post. And, since one of those posts is merely a photo, you get two! It’s an Easter miracle!

The post with some actual content is two years old, and it’s all about a young girl’s attempt at befriending my then-infant son. She was visiting for Easter and wanted my then seven-month-old son to be her bestie forever. He mostly wanted to drool. So…good luck with that, kid.

And yet, somehow making friends with a brainless blob might be easier than making friends with the terror that my son has become at two.

Original Post: Baby Friendly

The second post I’ve resurrected – the aforementioned photo – is also two years old, but it’s adorableness is timeless.

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He gave up his dignity for Lent



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  1. GS test March 31, 2013 at 11:26 am #

    Zombie Post: Happy Easter | Dad and Buried

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