Link Envy: Reasons My Kid Is Crying

8 Apr

The internet is so vast, there’s scarcely an idea that hasn’t been explored within its pages. Occasionally, you stumble across one of those pages and are immediately struck with envy at not having been the person to explore the idea first.

Earlier today, a friend sent me a link to one of those pages.

It’s a Tumblr called “Reasons My Son Is Crying” and it’s as simple – and universal – a concept as it gets. A dad* posts pictures of his toddler, mid-tears, and captions the photo with an explanation. Needless to say, there are a lot of pictures. And some hysterical explanations.

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“His brother pretended to sing for one second.”

A few of my favorites:

“I wouldn’t let him drink bathwater.”

“I wouldn’t let him drown in this pond.”

“I closed the refrigerator door.”

If you’re a parent, love kids, hate kids, or have simply ever met a toddler, you need to check this thing out:

Reasons My Son is Crying

*No real idea that a father who created this as opposed to a mother, but it sure seems like a Dad thing to do!


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