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The Real Reason Parents are Always So Tired

28 May parenting, tired, beach, vacation, exhaustion, memorial day, sand, toddlers, dads, moms, stress, kids, children, family, life, energy, zazzle, vacation

You often hear the phrase “I need a vacation from my vacation.”

I try not to use cliches, but after just a few days at the beach, I need a vacation from my vacation.

Unfortunately, I have a kid. So I’ll never get one.

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CES-capades: Part 1

8 Jan

Losing my Vegas virginity and my CES virginity on the same trip may not have been the best idea. There is a lot to take in.

Everything is just…big. Any by “everything” I mean the Strip, the conference itself, the casinos, the hotels, the crowds…the only thing that’s not big is the dividing line between the glamour of this town, artificial as it is, and the grunge that lies beneath, between and behind it. That line is razor-thin, as the walk from my hotel to the convention center made abundantly clear: from high-priced strip clubs to low-rent strip malls. But everything else? Big.

Of course, thanks to CES, that “everything” also includes the latest and greatest in technology, and I’ve seen a bunch of it.

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Driver’s Nuisance

14 Nov

You may have noticed that the blog has been a bit quiet lately. That’s because my life has been so loud.

The past few weeks have seen me, Mom and Buried, Detective Munch finally make the dreaded highly anticipated move down to Raleigh, North Carolina. First our bodies, then our belongings made their way below the Mason-Dixon.

We aren’t even close to settled-in, and so I have hardly been able to begin dealing with the culture shock that comes with a move from the northeast to the midsouth.

Especially since I was already forced to visit the DMV.

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Wedding Yells

29 Oct

Last week, for the Blogger Idol contest (still alive!), we had to give our take on an issue currently in the news. I chose same-sex marriage.

We are moving to North Carolina next week (!!!!), so this issue means more to me than ever. But after visiting Maine this past weekend – where it’s coming up for vote as well – it’s clear this issue isn’t merely a southern one.

Bigots are everywhere.

You can read my essay below.

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Zombie Post: Hell in a Carseat

26 Oct zombie, walking dead, resurrection, monsters, horror, kids, parenting, funny, dads

This weekend, we decided to go on a getaway up to Maine. Leaving from CT, where we borrowed my parents car, it’s about six hours each way.

Maybe we’re trying to cram in as much New England as possible before we head down south. Maybe we just want to get a taste of all the driving we’re gonna be doing without the benefit of subways and legitimate public transportation. Maybe my wife just decided we were doing it and I had no choice.

It doesn’t matter. We’re already on our way. Now, we’ve taken a vacation with the kid before, but that was via plane. And at the time he was an immobile baby. Now he’s two, and he’s anything but immobile. Strapping him down in the backseat for 12 hours is not going to be easy.

As encouragement, I’ve resurrected TWO posts about that earlier vacation – to Ireland! – just to keep my hopes up. One of them is honest, the other is a bit of a fabrication to assuage those parents who think traveling with a baby is impossible. It wasn’t impossible. I hope traveling with my toddler works out as well.

Original Post: Where in the World was Dad and Buried?

Original Post: Trip to Ireland – Schadenfreude Edition

Blogger Idol 2012: Week 5 – Sh*t Just Got Real

24 Oct

Things got serious this week.

The assignment was to present our take on a hot news topic. My choice, like most of the others, doesn’t easily lend itself to comedy. So I got real on your asses and laid out my opinion on the same-sex issue that has been dividing the country for years.

It’s become more personal to me since I had my son and will be even more relevant now that we’re moving to North Carolina, a state where the fight for equality has some real obstacles.

Like Amendment One.

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Spawn in 60 Seconds

16 Oct

We are moving. From the cozy confines of Brooklyn to the Southern jungle of Raleigh, North Carolina.

With moving comes a variety of stresses and concerns. There’s a reason moving is the only thing on earth that’s actually worse than planning a wedding. Am I right, ladies?

Since we happen to be moving from a city with certain conveniences (such as being the GREATEST PLACE ON EARTH!) to an area somewhere below the Mason-Dixon line that may or may not have electricity and written language, we are forced to make a variety of complicated arrangements.

Not the least of which is acquiring an automobile.

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