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The Real Reason Parents are Always So Tired

28 May parenting, tired, beach, vacation, exhaustion, memorial day, sand, toddlers, dads, moms, stress, kids, children, family, life, energy, zazzle, vacation

You often hear the phrase “I need a vacation from my vacation.”

I try not to use cliches, but after just a few days at the beach, I need a vacation from my vacation.

Unfortunately, I have a kid. So I’ll never get one.

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Zombie Post: That Time, of the Months

5 Oct zombie, walking dead, resurrection, monsters, horror, kids, parenting, funny, dads

My son turned two in September, forever removing the need to specify how many months old he is. Now that he’s two, he’s just two. Maybe soon he’ll be “two-and-a-half”, maybe eventually “almost three.’ But mostly just two.

At such a young age, measuring by months is necessary, at least when talking to other parents. When kids are super young, a few months might as well be a few light years. So I did it all the time, and I wasn’t ashamed of doing it.

I was ashamed of doing it OUT LOUD, to other people. So I took myself to task for it about a year ago, and you can read about it below. Because yes, it’s important for you to keep track of your kid’s development and milestones, but not for anyone else. And when someone asks you, politely, how old your kid is, and you break it down? Ugh.

Original post: Don’t Be a D-Bag: The Art of Rounding Off

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