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The Agony of the Teeth

20 May brush teeth, toddlers, parenting, hygiene, living, family, moms, dads, kids, dentist, rules, learning, motherhood, fatherhood

Everyone hates going to the dentist.

These days, my two-year-old’s bedtime routine is making me hate BEING the dentist.

I didn’t realize that teaching my kid how to be a normal person would be such hard work.

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Page Fright

1 Feb

Somehow it was easier with a baby.

Sure, we were guaranteed multiple trips into his bedroom every night, but when a baby wakes up crying you can cuddle it, feed it, rock it and lay with it until it falls back asleep. Of course that’s not exactly easy, a lot depends on the crankiness of the baby and/or any more serious issues (we escaped the dreaded colic, thank the gods), but it doesn’t require a ton of thought or effort. It’s instinct versus inconvenience.

Toddlers wake up less often but when they do, they’re able to start a conversation. Or worse: make demands.

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The Pros and Cons of Preferential Treatment

9 Jul

My son likes my wife more than he likes me.

Yup. He’s a bit of a mama’s boy. But it’s normal for young kids to have an attachment to their mom; after spending nine months living in someone’s body, and then another year or so relying on that body for sustenance, you’d get attached too. Besides, he’s not even two, so I’m not super concerned that he’ll develop into some freaky Norman Bates type guy. Yet.

But I understand why he likes Mom more than dear old Dad. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t occassionally hurt my feelings.

Except when it works to my advantage.

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