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You Threatenin’ Me?

14 May cape fear, de niro, movies, parenting, toddlers, future, dads, moms, warnings, learning, family, living, society, parents, parenthood, children

Despite the fact that I could quote Cape Fear ALL DAY LONG and just pretend I’m having a conversation with my toddler —

“I can out-learn you. I can out-read you. I can out-think you. I can out-philosophize you. And I’m gonna outlast you! ”

— that’s not what the title of this post refers to.

This post is about Other Parents and the way they use their experiences to scare you.

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Scrimping and Caving

29 Apr

A few weeks back, after abandoning potty training due to the onset of trauma, Mom and Buried and I took a quick run to Target.

While there, we decided to buy some off-brand diapers to get us through the next few weeks, enough time for Detective Munch to emerge from his PTSD (Potty Traumatic Stress Disorder) and get back on the potty train.

The cheapo diapers turned out to not be the best idea, as they were cheapo for a reason: they leaked worse than Julian Assange.

Which got me thinking. Maybe I shouldn’t shortchange my son.

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Zombie Post: The Man of Steel Returns

18 Apr fatherhood, toddler, hate my son

A little more than a year ago, I wrote about the last Superman movie. And how just because the movie was boring, it doesn’t mean the character is. With a new Superman flick a mere months away, I’m hoping to be proven correct.

I love Superman. When I became a father, I was very excited to introduce him to my son, and that process has already begun. He hasn’t seen the original movies yet, but he has several Superman outfits, complete with capes, and he loves watching the “Christopher Reeve tribute” I found on YouTube.

About a year ago, already anticipating this new flick, I wrote about the wrongheadedness of making his son in the last movie “super,” especially since the events on which Superman Returns was piggy-backing made such an occurrence totally impossible. After that debacle, I’m glad they’ve struck out on their own this time around; I even like what I’ve heard of the score! Sure, it means we get another origin story of a character whose origin is as well-known as Truman Burbank’s, but at least it’s been more than thirty years since that story was told on the silver screen.superman, man of steel, movies, russell crowe, kevin costner, parenting, dads, fathers, comics, superheroes, dads, toddlers

The fact that Superman has two fathers, and that the conflict between the values they’ve each instilled in him – or even the way those values complement each other – seems a major theme of this new movie (and much of his mythology in general), gives me a handy excuse to run posts about my favorite superhero without straying too far from the whole “Dad” part of my blog.

Which is why I’ve resurrected last year’s post:

Original Post: Superman Was a Father Too!

New Man of Steel Trailer: “On my world, it means hope.”

16 Apr

It’s not a horrible time for a little hope.

Below is the new Man of Steel trailer. I was conflicted about losing Williams’ iconic score. I understood why, but don’t know that it can ever be replaced. But I was impressed by what I heard (I can’t be sure that’s the actual original score and not placeholder music from another film, but I didn’t recognize it.) Not to mention by what I saw.

Cavill looks great. The scale looks enormous. The father/son moment with Costner gave me chills.

God I hope this movie is good. I love me some Superman!

The Devastation Will Not Be Televised

16 Apr

This post isn’t about uplift, as I have none to offer. It’s not about expertise, as I’m no expert. I’m merely a normal parent, a relatively new one at that, and it’s at times like this that I most feel the weight of that responsibility.

I have a two-year-old son. He isn’t yet able to comprehend an event like yesterday’s bombings, let alone formulate questions about it, but seeing the footage would undoubtedly scare him (especially since he’s too young to understand whatever explanation we might offer for the event). Which makes watching the news nearly impossible.

As with most everything else, a complicated situation is complicated even further by my responsibilities as a father.

I love Boston. I attended Boston College and lingered in the city for another decade after graduation, in Brookline, Southie and the South End – not more than a ten-minute walk from where the bombs exploded. It’s a great town, home to many close friends and the setting of some of my favorite memories, a handful of which were actually made on Marathon Mondays, watching the race from the Pizzeria Uno on Boylston Street – shocking close to the finish line – keeping track of the Red Sox game while cheering on the runners. It’s truly a shame that this tragedy will now be associated with what has always been one of the best days of Spring in New England.

Even without a personal connection, tragedies like this used to be easier – somehow – before I had a child.

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Zombie Post: Welcome to the “Neighborhood”

8 Mar fatherhood, toddler, hate my son

Mom and Buried showed the kid an old “Mr. Rogers” episode the other day. To my surprise, he sat in rapt attention for the entirety of the the episode. He can’t get enough of it! He’s constantly asking to hear “the neighbor song.”

We try not to let him watch too much TV, but he definitely sees some and Mr. Rogers seems like a pretty healthy option. It’s amazing to me that it holds his attention as much as it does, especially when his other favorites are hyperkinetic shows like “Yo Gabba Gabba”, more basic animated stuff like “Curious George”, or the inexplicably popular – and British! – “Thomas the Tank Engine.” But it’s a good thing. Mr. Rogers seems like a decent enough role model.

He’s definitely a better influence than the other adults that appear most frequently on my TV, as illustrated in the old post I’ve resurrected below (even if he does have questionable fashion sense.) It seemed appropriate to bring this one back today, as two of the characters mentioned within (Don Draper and King Joffrey) are returning to TV this month and Jesse Pinkman’s final season isn’t far behind.

God knows my kid won’t be watching any of those shows anytime soon, so “Mr. Rogers” it is.

Original Post: I Learned It By Watching Someone Else!

But if they ever make this sitcom version of “Breaking Bad,” it looks like something my son and I could watch together.

Imaginary Fiends

1 Mar The Shining, Kubrick, Jack Nicholson, parenting, Stephen King, toddlers, dads, movies, entertainment, pop culture, books, scary, imagination, overlook, pretend, make believe

My son has started playing pretend. With a vengeance.

And it’s freaking me out.

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