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Super Bowl Sunday: 5 Ways My Toddler is Like Ray Lewis

3 Feb NFL, Super Bowl, drinking, health, someecards, funny

This will be the first Super Bowl my son might actually sit still and watch for a few minutes. (Probably while getting really angry about Beyonce’s lip-synching LIKE THE REST OF US.) It will be the 28th Super Bowl I can remember watching that doesn’t include my Dolphins. Ugh.

On the other hand, my wife is a 49ers fan – something about a childhood crush on Steve Young – and since I have nothing against this young San Francisco team (and I hate the Ravens), our house is all-in for the red and gold today.

But there’s no arguing that the big game’s biggest personality – aside from the Harbaugh brothers’ HILARIOUS parents and Colin Kaepernick’s HILARIOUS fashion sense – is former murder suspect and possible deer-killer or deer-lover or deer-eater or deer-sniffer (who understands these PEDs?), Ray Lewis.

I’m not a big fan of the guy but he’s definitely larger-than-life. And sometimes he reminds me of my son.

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31 Aug

When I was a little kid I was obsessed with stuffed animals.

I had a ton of them and I couldn’t sleep unless at least one was in the bed with me.

Shut up.

Nowadays the only stuffed animals we have in the house belong to my son. And I love having them around.

I said shut up.
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Parent Abuse: Parenting’s Dirty Little Secret

29 May

I’m a Red Sox fan. I watched Game 6 and I endured as much of the pre-aughts misery as any other fan born in the 70s. I’m also a Dolphins fan, and while I got to watch Marino, there hasn’t been a lot to cheer about since. But I stick around; I continue to root for my teams.

I watched “Lost” all the way through, gritting my teeth through the meandering episodes of Seasons 2 and 3 and sticking it out to the end, and I have fond memories of the show, even after that terrible final episode. And I somehow still watch “The Killing,” even after last year’s season-long tease and this year’s consistently stupid storytelling.

I guess I’m a glutton for punishment. I take all the crap my favorite teams and TV shows have to give and I keep coming back for more. As a fan, you just have to take a lot of abuse.

But it’s nothing compared to what you endure as a parent.

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Forget the Titans

3 Feb

The first Super Bowl I remember seeing was the Redskins/Raiders in 1983. My parents sent me to bed before the game was over but I snuck onto the stairs and listened as best I could from around the corner. I didn’t miss much. The Raiders won 38-9.

That Raiders blowout was sandwiched between a Dolphins loss I don’t remember (the year before, to the Redskins) and a Dolphins loss I do remember (the following year, to the 49ers). Man, it’s been a long time since they’ve been in that game. Like Marino himself, I expected a lot more than just that one.

Hopefully my son will get luckier than me.

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