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The Agony of the Teeth

20 May brush teeth, toddlers, parenting, hygiene, living, family, moms, dads, kids, dentist, rules, learning, motherhood, fatherhood

Everyone hates going to the dentist.

These days, my two-year-old’s bedtime routine is making me hate BEING the dentist.

I didn’t realize that teaching my kid how to be a normal person would be such hard work.

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Words With Toddlers

9 Apr

In certain situations, say, a dinner party, or a funeral, conventional wisdom holds that some subject matter is off-limits. Some topics are just a tad more provocative than others and have a tendency to cause unnecessary tension when broached.

It’s better for everyone if typically contentious or potentially divisive topics are avoided, such as: politics; religion; a fondness for the Yankees; an appreciation for the Red Hot Chili Peppers; money.

There are no guarantees those topics will raise any hackles with your specific company, but they are more likely to than others. So it’s usually best to stay away.

The same holds true when you’re in the company of toddlers.

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The WTF Factor

11 Feb

Mom and Buried was perusing a parenting website the other day and she came across some suggestions for ways to nip your toddler’s whining in the bud before it becomes a problem. (To quote Officer Jack Traven: Mister, we’re already there.) It made for some interesting reading.

I’m long on record with saying there’s no such thing as a parenting expert, so I don’t take most of those websites seriously. That said, there’s plenty of accumulated experience out there that can help guide you, especially if it’s your first rodeo, so there’s not need to dismiss every piece of advice out of hand. Just use your best judgment, and a little common sense, and you should be okay.

Unfortunately, the whole “common sense” thing seems to have been ignored by many so-called experts. Because after reading some of these websites, my only reaction is:


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Exercising His Demons

27 Sep

It’s happened. The toddler has finally gained enough balance to make running possible.

And now running is all he ever does or wants to do.

The title of this post alludes to exorcism, but if he keeps this up it’s more likely I’m gonna need my last rites.

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Feeding Frenzy

11 Sep chick-fil-a, fast food, homophobia, gay marriage, marriage equality, same sex, politics, obesity, obama

It’s so much easier to be fat.

Okay, maybe it’s not easier to actually BE fat. But it’s definitely easier to GET fat.

And it’s a definitely piece of cake (or three) to let your kids get fat. Feeding them is headache enough even when it’s food they like, but you start putting nutrition into the mix and it becomes [insert hilarious Hunger Games reference here].

It’s so much easier to just let him have the damn french fries again.

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