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A Royal Pain

5 Dec Duchess, Middleton, Prince Henry, Prince Harry, Diana, England, UK, Royals, paparazzi, celebrity, culture, tabloids, motherhood, family, entertainment, Pippa

In case you haven’t heard, a couple of celebrities are having a baby!!!!

Complications aside, that’s what Kate Middleton’s pregnancy boils down to. The Royals over in England have long ceased meaning much politically and are now merely celebrities; attractive, wholesome celebrities. But, no surprise, the media is treating this like the biggest thing since Kate Middleton got married. Which was also meaningless, especially in the face of Pippa’s glorious rump.

I sympathize with the Duke and Duchess. Because being pregnant is a pain in the ass, but that’s nothing compared to being pregnant under the glare of the entire Western media. Which is itself nothing compared to the pain in the ass that is owning a child, celebrity or not.

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Zombie Post: Fantasy Football and Babies

23 Aug zombie, walking dead, resurrection, monsters, horror, kids, parenting, funny, dads

Tomorrow night I’ll be attending my fantasy football draft. That is, if the birth of a child doesn’t get in the way. Not my child, though. Not this time.

Two years ago, about a month before my son was born, I wrote a post comparing my fantasy football draft – the best day of the FF season, by far – and the impending birth of my son. At the time it seemed possible the two dates could conflict, so the post was a (tongue-in-cheek, honey, I swear!) look at which was more important.

Now, two years later, there is no way in hell I’m missing the draft. My first child’s birth was a once in a lifetime thing; his 102nd Friday night is not that big a deal. And I’ve been dealing with his toddler ass for quite a while now; I could use a break.

Of course, this time someone else’s child might be the monkey in the wrench that spoils the party. Children. What a hassle!

Here’s the original post, in which the birth of my son barely edged out my fantasy draft in a battle for the ages:

The Tale of the Tape: Fantasy Draft vs. Birth of Son

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